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Fethiye is truly a fascinating city and has become an extremely popular holiday destination. The town of Fethiye is full of wonderful surprises and knowing about Fethiye‘s charms will certainly leave an impression. Both the popular locations and less visited locations should be explored. Here you will see beautiful villages, ancient sights, shopping, nightlife, and other neighbouring hotspots such as Oludeniz.

The town of Fethiye offers hotels (simple & luxurious) bars, night clubs & beautiful beaches – The beach is a few kilometers from the city centre, known as Calis beach.
You may say ‘it’s all about Fethiye‘, but the city was actually first famous for “Oludeniz” – which used to be popular as a calm camping retreat, however is now a top destination for the holidaymakers. Oludeniz is very beautiful and only 20 minutes’ drive on a public minibus.

In town you can see ancient Lycian tombs which are carved into the hillside (located above the ancient theatre). Fethiye town is located on top of the ancient city of Telmessos, and some the ruins can still be seen in the city.

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